Integrated Management System Policy

As More Contract, we will always abide by the philosophy of sustainable environment, work health and safety and sustainable development. In such consciousness, we will continue to contribute to the development of the sector we work in.

We will prioritise supervision and precautions related to the health and safety of our employees. We will frame all of our processes and investments accordingly.

We will scrutinise the impacts of our business on the environment, and we will act dependent on a mindset that is fashioned by the “consume less, pollute less” principle. We will tailor all of our process designs with high environmental care.

The most important source to us is our personnel who work meticulously under strenuous conditions. Therefore, we will constantly facilitate the self-development of our personnel, and we will persist in being sensitive about their needs so that every one of them feels valued as part of our big family.

We will keep scrutinising the national and international regulations and keep working thoroughly in line with the regulations by means of the self-evaluation system we have built.

We will integrate our continuous development approach into the “ISO Management Standards”, and we will not leave quality and safety to chance.

We will emphasise on the importance of working systematically so that it will be noticeable at all levels in our organisation and it will become a part of the culture of our establishment.

We will design and fulfil each and every one of our work processes by keeping customer satisfaction in mind. We will continue to offer products and services beyond expectations by observing customer expectations consistently. Furthermore, we will consider our suppliers as part of our team, as we believe that quality is achieved through teamwork. Therefore, we will merge our suppliers in our quality management system so as to foster their development.

Compliance Department